Inspection & Tower Reports

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Scheduling inspections as part of the Preventative Maintenance Program will reduce the risks of lost capacity, expensive repairs, and catastrophic failures. Our inspections and recommendations are independent evaluations that provide a complete assessment of the structural and mechanical components.

reportsAs part of the inspection, the field survey includes an inspector and a confined space attendant. The tower is probed and digital photos are taken to record matters that affect operation and performance.

The Inspection Report has proven to be a valuable tool for maintenance planning. The report assists planners by

  • Establishing a record
  • Prioritizing maintenance items
  • Outlining corrective measures
  • Contact us and we can schedule a time to preview reports and set an inspection

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Experience - Inspections & Installations

 Cooling Tower Repair:

  • Emergency & Hurricane Repair
  • Counterflow - Repairs/Service
  • Crossflow - Repairs/Service
  • Natural Draft - Repairs/Service
  • Fin Fan - Repairs/Service

We Bring What you need:

  • Experience
  • Inspection Services
  • Installation Services

Experience - Services & Solutions

TMI Cooling Towers Helps With:

  • Design & Price a Cooling Tower
  • Wet Bulb Temperature Recommendations
  • Water Usage Calculations
  • Budget Bid Requests
  • Tower Selection
  • Tonnage Duty Calculations
  • Motor Selection
  • Driveshaft Selection
  • Nema Guides & Lookups